Customer Reviews

“Immediate response to my inquiry.  I was able to make appointment for the next day. I was explained everything in detail. Part was available within 24 hours and dishwasher was fixed and unclogged in less than 30 minutes.  Couldn’t ask for better service or communication.”

– Gretchen S.

“I have a crazy fridge which, I have now learned, has generated multiple internal water/ice problems for owners across the country.  Brandon from True Blue came out, diagnosed a bad water valve, ordered it, and replaced it. That was the first level fix.  Unfortunately, there was a lot more wrong than just the failing water valve. So, the bad valve issue directed us to other issues.  The important thing to note is that Brandon suggested only the most basic fix first and did not suggest anything more expensive or complicated, as I had told him I had a limit on how much I wanted to spend on this older fridge.

Brandon suggested some defrost measures and then, as only a very fair and decent repair expert and company would do, said that if these homeowner measures did not work, I could return the water valve for credit, since this initial – and, I must add, totally correct – first diagnosis did not solve the problem. Well, due to bad manufacturing standards and NOT due to anything this True Blue company did, I decided to not pursue a faulty fridge’s repair, anymore.

The fact that Brandon only tried to repair them first level problem, gave the homeowner suggestions for how to proceed, offered a refund of the initial problem part, and was totally friendly, efficient, and obviously knowledgeable, let me know I would be using this company from now on, for any future appliance repairs.

Amber, in the business office, is just as friendly,  efficient, and obviously totally dedicated to making her customer and client base happy. Austin, Texas, is filled with businesses that simply want to make a buck and don’t seem to cater to an individual’s or family’s needs or busy schedules. True Blue seems to be bucking the trend and they set up appointments, call to confirm, and arrive on time. Just good business, hence, my 5-star, very pleased rating.”

– Kj D.

“True blue scheduled me quickly and was on on time. Brandon was polite and professional and had my LG washer repaired quickly. He also repaired the water supply unit on my Samsung refrigerator. Everything works and he gave me a one year guarantee on his work and parts.

Amber was great on the phone.

Exactly what you want from a service company.”

– Nancy G.

“Yesterday I scheduled a service call for the second time in 2 1/2 weeks with True Blue Appliance Repair. Brandon came out both times to look at my dryer. He quickly diagnosed the problem and didn’t make me feel like an idiot when it was a breaker issue and not the dryer. This company is quick to contact you and does what they say when they say it will be done. Also, they were able to save me some money by continuing my previous service call. I will call them again and will recommend them to any and all who have something that needs to be fixed.”

– Bretta K.

“I am extraordinarily pleased with the service I received today from True-Blue Appliance Repair.

First, Amber was professional and courteous on the phone, a pleasure to talk to.

Second, Brandon was at my house within a few hours of my phone call. His diagnosis and simple instructions actually saved me from incurring repair costs. I only paid a small trip and diagnosis fee.

Third, the icing, Brandon asked if I had any other appliance questions. So I asked a question about my dishwasher, not the appliance I scheduled an appointment for. He gave me advice that I am eager to try, to clean the hardened build up.

I recommend Brandon and True-Blue Appliance.

I am a satisfied customer.”

– Laurel S.

“I called another place before True-Blue because they had more reviews and were also very highly rated. Their phone customer service left much to be desired so I declined an appointment and called True Blue. Their customer service when I called in was great! Brandon came out the next day and quickly diagnosed the problem for why our refrigerator’s freezer was not working consistently, had the parts on hand and fixed it quickly. He was very friendly and professional. Brandon also gave me some tips on how to clean my dishwasher which I mentioned was not cleaning as it should. Go with True-Blue!”

– Carrie C.

“Brandon came out today and was excellent! We had a leak in our fridge water line. He was able to find the issue and have it fixed in under 15 minutes! He was very polite and explained the issue before fixing it.

He & their office admin both called ahead of time to let me know he was on the way.”

– Sarah H.

“We have been having an issue with our washer. Brandon came out today to take a look and gave us an honest and fair appraisal of the situation. The washer is up and running! We now have a new go-to for all of our appliances. We liked Brandon very much and highly recommend him and True-Blue Appliance Repair to everyone!”

– Suzanne C.

“We just had Brandon come out. As soon as I told him what the two problems were with our fridge he immediately had an idea of what the issue might be. It took him about ten minutes of looking through our freezer to figure out what was wrong. Within 45 minutes our fridge was no longer leaking water out of the bottom and our water dispenser was working again. Great price, great service.”

– Mark H.

“Kevin from True-Blue Appliance saved our sanity over a very difficult couple of weeks. A pipe to our washing machine had frozen/burst (needing plumbers, a different company) and the washing machine itself broke (error message and needed appliance repair). Kevin came in after the plumbers had reportedly fixed their end of it. He admittedly had a sticky situation to deal with: were the remaining issues from water access (like the machine code said, possibly implicating plumbers didn’t finish the job) or just the machine, which didn’t match the error code. This is what sets them apart: Kevin had actually left seemingly unable to help that code, and turned around, CAME BACK 15 minutes later with a brand-new idea, having thought about it all that time. Voila! His idea worked, saved us another useless plumbing call, and he even applied some of the one-time visit fee to a part that our machine needed and was ordered for the next visit installation. It’s sort of like he out-smarted the code and the difficulties in a messy case.

Additionally, our dryer is stacked on top of our washer in a tiny little closet, so the back of the washer can’t be accessed unless both are pulled out. We also have shelfing system all around which should have been removed by us, but I didn’t think of it. Fortunately, he was able to access it by skimming his body through and making it work. We really lucked out in getting Kevin. He was professional and courteous, and to be honest, must be really dedicated to his job and helping his customers to have gone above and beyond in every aspect of a tricky (and probably very annoying) job. Our machine works great and we couldn’t be more thankful! So glad I called True-Blue and got Kevin!”

– Kaja A.

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